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Street Art Book Series: Hawaii - Seattle, WA - Portland, OR - Seoul, KR
This website is dedicated to cultivating awareness of street art in Seoul, South Korea.
The Seoul Street Art Book is a creative effort to help capture and preserve
the temporary public expression appearing in the urban landscape.
It contains over 100 original color photos.

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Seoul Street Art Graffiti Book


A Visual Time Capsule Beyond Graffiti
By A. Tarantino

Seattle Street Art Book Volume Three
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 102 Full Color Photos
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0988272075 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9882720-7-1 (paperback)
Product Dimensions: 8.25 x 6 x .5 inches
BISAC: Category: Art / Popular Culture

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Seoul Street Art Graffiti Book - Volume Three - Preview 1 Seoul Street Art Graffiti Booke - Preview 2 Seoul Street Art Graffiti Booke - Preview 3
Seoul Street Art Graffiti Book - Preview 4 Seoul Street Art Graffiti Book - Preview 5 Seoul Street Art Graffiti Book - Preview 6
Book Introduction:
While traveling in South Korea I explored it's 2000-year-old capital, Seoul. This book contains over 100 original street art and graffiti photographs taken within city limits near Gangnam, Insadong, Itaewon, Sinsa and Hongdae. It is a creative effort to help preserve the temporary visual artwork on the streets of Seoul.

At 25 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, Seoul itself is twice the size of New York City. It's one of the top ten financial centers in the world with over 100 museums and numerous prestigious universities. There is a culture here that is only represented anonymously in the reclaimed public spaces of the city. Images dot the urban landscape in the typical street art mediums that are used across the globe.

As is true in all cities, personal public artistic expressions touch on the struggles and triumphs of the current culture. In many cases, more can be gleaned from street art than from what is covered in the mainstream media.

In these pages, you will also see some of the darker themes and opinions reflecting Korean society*:

- Suicide, the highest suicide rate in the world
- Individuality and the importance of self image, the highest number of plastic surgeries in the world
- Immense pressure to succeed in school and work with high rates of youth unemployment
- Repressive Confucian honor-shame culture
- Gender equality roles
- Rebirth from Korean war destruction
- Environmental pollution
- Reliance on nuclear power and oil
- Free Trade Agreement with the US (entered into effect in March 2012), seen on the FTA Banksy rat stencil

This book is a small window into a temporary art world that is constantly being revised in a flux of new symbols. Enjoy!

* Information taken from the Wikipedia entry for Seoul and it's references.

Introduction: Korean Translation
Seoul Street Art Graffiti Book - Korean Introduction

A special thanks to those who supported this book project:
A. Archambault, A. Belsly, A. Casassa, A. Dougherty, A. Lea Sher, A. Li, A. Martinelli, A. Menconi, A. Parry, A. Sjvaborg, A. Staab, A. Tsoi, B. Johnson, B. K. Skillin, B. Phares, B. Tarantino, C. Cleland, C. Curtis, C. Floyd, D. Brown, D. Davies, D. Drexler, D Hoffmann, D. Lee, D. Yacubian, E. Egner, E. Falter, E. Jones, E. Thomas, E. Wilson, F. Cernik, F. J. Tarantino, F. M. Tarantino, G. Lipina, G. Mauro, G. Morris, G. Pamperien, H. O'Neill, I. Price, J. Bagby, J. Blackwell, J. Brooks, J. Burkhart, J. Cobbe, J D'Arcangelo, J. Espinoza, J. Faolan, J. Farriester, J. Fekner, J. Fisher, J. Gwon, J. Hart, J. Kabat, J. Kim, J. Kovacs, J. Lieberman, J. Martin, J. Morris, J. Murby, J. Ness, J Ricci, K. Campbell, K. Casey, K. Haber, K. Hannan, K. Macdougall, K. Marie, K. McAfee, K. Williams, L. Blue, L. Cangeloso, L. Davis, L. Hunter, L. Javier Perez, L. Kazakoff, L. Nabinger, L. Richards, L.E.S. Davis, M. Barnhart, M. Brulotte, M. Ehrhardt, M Nataraj, M. Raker, M. Ray, M. Savkovich, M. Tarantino, M. Webb, P. Ford, P. Hauser, R DeMulder, R. Flynn, R. Gray, R. Gurley, R. Howard, R. Niman, R. Rodriguez, R. Tanaka, S. A. King, S. Alton King, S. Burns, S. Cheung, S. Colin, S. Collas, S. Gates, S. Jardis, S. Kelso, S. Kong, S. Laakso, S. Mammen, S. McClatchey, S. Price-Jones, S. Schavietello, S. Tracy, S. Weeks, S. Yon Jun, T. Gebbie, T. Lister, T. Rossiter, T. Szalakiewicz, V Kuznetsov, X. Lopez

And the Seoul artists:
401k, 4B, Ader, Apl, Artime joe, Astex , Baek , Bakum, Bares, BFMin, BH Crew, Bores, Buxom, Celsh, Ceres, Coral, Cory, Crim, Deep, Demos, Dimz, Dirty 9 Fingaz, Disk, Ecb, Eks, Erad, Erni Vales, Fat315, Flying, Fortress, HPAS, Hudini, Jang Seonwhan, Jay-Flow, Jial1, Jimmy SK, Jin Okseon, Jins BH, JR, Junkhouse, jykthemuse, K2, Kay2, Klow, Koma, Mafeel, Min, Minjun, Mint, Mishka, Mrsay, Nana, Never, Night, Nomad, Nwee, Ocnsm, Ocs, Ohsee, Ovas, Park Jung-soo, Pez, Poke, Puts, Pyro, R3ks, Rakastyle, Real Dud, S@ph, Scene, Semi, Shep, Sin Okseon , Sitch, Soul, Stayajk, Steez, Stol, Suiko, Sure, Vast, Very, Xanax , Xeme, Zacpot, Zeh Palito
~ A. Tarantino

Seoul Street Art Graffiti Book - SOS Outreach
A portion of the proceeds from this book benefits SOS Outreach,
an international nonprofit building character in youth through
outdoor adventure.

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